The exhibit of student work, titled “Under the Influence,” is composed of photos by 34 students who worked with Mike both at the beginning of his teaching tenure and near the end.

Laila Alamiri
Nathan Was Most Forgiving, 2015

Alice Anthony
Remembering Ruff and Prissy, 2015

Matthew Brown
Kingsport, TN, 2016

Noah Booshu
Untitled, 2015

Emily Denton
Birthday Dirt, 2011

Travis Brown
Untitled, from the series 85, 2016

Randy Gentry
Adam Lawson, 2016

Trish Gibson
Untitled, 2015

Beth Gorham
Paper Airplane, 2015

John Hathaway
Yonges Island, SC, 2014

Matthew Jessie
Untitled, 2015

Megan King
Forest City, IA, 2014

Tammy Mercure
Hammond, LA, 2015

Megan Ledbetter
Chicken Hearts, 2011

Patrick McInerney
Pictures, 2013

Amanda Musick
The Dog is Better an Us All, 2015

Joe Reynolds
Kudzu Mimosa & Pine, 2012

Andrew Rogers
Untitled, 2015

R. Kim Rushing
Gregory Applewhite at Window, 1996

Jayne Selser Jones
Untitled, 2001

Melissa Stallard
Silhouette, 2014

Joey Tipton
Untitled, 2012

Kevin  Thrasher
Richmond, VA 2013

Wendy Woods
Progress, 2004